Champlain College eLearning DepartmentSpring 2014 Canvas Course Preparation

How to do a Canvas-to-Canvas Course Copy

Follow the instructions below to import content from a Fall 2013 to a Spring 2014 course shell.

*When selecting content to import from Fall to Spring, make sure to UNCHECK the Syllabus page (do not copy it). If it remains checked and copied over, it will overwrite updates that were made to the Spring syllabus page.

Select Specific Content to Import:

  1. Open the new semester course shell
  2. Click Settings (bottom of left navigation menu) -> Import Content into this Course (right column menu)
  3. On the Import Content page, select  from the Content Type -> Copy a Canvas course 
  4. Type in the Course name or Search for a course
  5. Select Options -> Adjust events and due dates
  6. Insert the following dates:
    Beginning Date of the course being copied - August 26, 2013
    Ending Date of the course being copied - December 13, 2013
    Beginning Date of new course - January 6, 2014
    End Date of new course - April 25, 2014
  7. ** All 15 week on-campus courses contain a semester break. Therefore check assignment dates after copying content to a new shell, and manually change any due dates that are incorrect.
  8. Choose Options -> Select Migration Content
  9. Deselect everything, including the Syllabus page: add a check next to the content you want to import.
  10. Click Import

Adjust events and due dates:

Adjust due dates

Select Migration Content:

 The following screen will appear:

Wait until you see a blue button called “Select Content”, then click on it.

By default, all available course content categories will be selected. Deselect everything, including the Syllabus page.
Then select the individual content you want to import.

Click the blue Select Content button at the bottom to import your content.

The Current Jobs menu will import the selected course content.
Running reports will display a status bar with the time remaining to generate the report.

The import is finished when the green “Completed” button appears.

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